Hospitality Restaurant Group is proud to be a locally owned and operated YUM! Brands Franchise for over 30 years!

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2019, 2020, & 2021 Franchise Times “Restaurant Top 200” of the nation’s largest and most successful franchisees.

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Number of people we are proud to employ.

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Amount awarded in scholarship grants over the last 5 years.



Amount donated to Boys & Girls Club over the last 5 years.

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Our mission is to grow our company by developing and investing in our people. We encourage all of our team members to strive to become Managers, Area Coaches, and Market Directors.


Giving Back to Communities
As locally based leaders in the quick-service industry, it is our responsibility to support the communities we do business with every day.

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Grow Our Company
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Treat every guest and team member with respect and kindness.

Serve quality food in a safe and inclusive environment.

Work-Life Balance
While at work, we expect our team to go above and beyond for our guests and company, and we encourage them to do the same in their personal lives.


Marty Lobdell HRG
Marty Lobdell

President / CEO, Partner 

Favorite Menu Item
Cheesy Gordita Crunch

Steve Pinkerton HRG
Steve Pinkerton

Vice President, Partner 

Favorite Menu Item
Chicken Chalupa Supreme

Wahid Akl HRG
Wahid Akl

Director of Operations, Partner 

Favorite Menu Item
Power Bowl

Matt Prouty HRG
Matt Prouty

Partner & Director of Operations
Hospitality Memphis & Tennessee

Favorite Menu Item
Nachos Bell Grande

Jeremy Krol

Director of Finance

Favorite Menu Item
Crunchy  Beef Taco

Cindy Adams
Cindy Adams

Director of Human Resources

Favorite Menu Item
Crunchwrap Supreme

Tom Jones HRG
Tom Jones

Syracuse Market Director

Favorite Menu Item
Breakfast Crunchwrap Supreme

Dennis Beutel HRG
Dennis Beutel

Rochester Market Director

Favorite Menu Item
Chicken Power Bowl

Debra Heller HRG
Debra Heller

Albany Market Director

Favorite Menu Item
Cheese Quesadilla

Tori Pinckney Taco Bell
Tori Pinckney

Hospitality Memphis Market Director

Favorite Menu Item
Chicken Power Bowl and Bean Burrito with extra red sauce and onions

Lee Harris Taco Bell
Lee Harris

Hospitality Tennessee Market Director

Favorite Menu Item
Beefy 5 Layer Burrito

Jessica Woodburn HRG
Jessica Woodburn

Director of Marketing & Communications

Favorite Menu Item
Chicken Quesadilla with a Mountain Dew

Michael McCracken HRG
Michael McCracken

Director of Development

Favorite Menu Item
Doritos Locos Taco Supreme

Danielle O’Connor


Favorite Menu Item
Black Bean Crunchwrap Supreme